This is exciting stuff. It has country-blues weaving through the melody, joy and pain riding their rustic tonsils and these young people have brought the truth in authentic folk music back from the dead." - No Depression

"Reminiscent of Norman Blake, Tony Rice and Iris Dement (with a touch of Music from Big Pink) this laid back record feels steeped in tradition while still showcasing an incredible talent of original songwriting." ~ Record Crates United

The Lark and the Loon are a songwriting duo consisting of husband/wife team Jeff Rolfzen and Rocky Steen-Rolfzen. The two bring their distinct writing styles together in what they call an exploration in the etymology of American music. They take inspiration from prewar blues and jazz, Irish dance music, Sea shanties, and dustbowl folk songs. Their debut album "Songbirds and Fog"  was recorded in their cabin home in the Ozarks after a period of heavy isolation and was met with critical acclaim. Earning Folk DJ radio chart placement, an award winning music video, and being included on several "best of" lists from places like Sundilla Radio Hour, Music You Can't Hear on the Radio, and others. This allowed the duo the chance to travel the country and perform in places both big and small that they had never been to before. Heralded for their harmonies, duets, and musicianship the two have enjoyed touring extensively both in the United States and abroad. September of 2018 saw the release of their second album "Homestead Hands" which is a predominately rural inspired record drawing inspiration from prairie life, the history of the Black Hills, and their travels together.  When not on the road they enjoy the comfort of their Ozark home where they garden in the rocky soil, hike the scenic hills, and soak in the tranquility before their next venture.

Rocky Steen-Rolfzen was born in eastern Montana, the state bird of which is the Meadowlark. Playing a plethora of instruments and styles she has seen success in the rock circuit as well as some success on the web. Her most notable work is likely her song "Treehouse" which received viral attention on YouTube reaching an audience of over a million and remains a favored song by fans the world over. Favored for her powerful and expressive voice she has released two EPs on her own and has worked on other collaborations as well. Rocky is often seen playing accordion these days or her washboard accompanied by her custom made shotgun shell box turned stomp box.

Jeff Rolfzen was born in St. Paul Minnesota, the state bird of which is the Loon. He became enthralled with music after receiving a cheap tiny guitar from a friend at the age of 17. His songwriting was well received in the Twin Cities for their lyrical strength and often universal ideas that made them applicable to different genres and artists. He released a solo EP in 2013 entitled "Caught in the Rain" featuring original songs from his own traditions.