The Old Red Rooster

By Rocky Steen-Rolfzen & Jeff Rolfzen

When the old red rooster crows  and that lone freight whistle blows

know that I'm somewhere out there dreaming of you

When the lanterns are a glowin' and the gentle evening wind starts a blowin'

know that my love is there with you forevermore

The hills are black as crows and the creeks are filled with gold

and when I find some I'll come calling for you

And when I long for you each day as I'm out working on the range

I will turn about and holler out your way 

yippie kai yi-a

And just as faithful as the dew that the dawn has promised you

know that I'm coming home before the snowflakes fall

Your letter came the day that old red rooster passed away 

So I don't hear that awful crowing anymore

and when I'm tryin to get some rest that rumblin train that took you west 

Will always wake me up too early in the morn

and when the lanterns are a glowing and the lonesome evening wind starts a blowing 

know that I'm wishing I could be out where you are

So when I long for you each day harvesting crops for raking hay

I will turn about and holler out your way 


and just as faithful as the blue  starry blanket the dusk brings to you

know I'll be weeping when the snow begins to fall

So I look forward to the day when I am home with you to stay 

so we won't have any reason to say 


So just as faithful as the road that connects us to our home

I'll keep riding, I'll keep writing to you 

We'll keep going always knowing where you are