Take the Stairs

By Rocky Steen-Rolfzen & Jeff Rolfzen

The flickering street lamps and trees that line sleepless city streets

Illuminate an essence that sets my mind at ease

With the coming of the spring. 

And oh I feel such delight  as I ponder this wondrous night

I think I'm gonna take a trip up top

To see the city I adore.

The courtyard was full and bright decorated with strings of fancy lights

But I was looking skyward to the velvety clouds

Lit up by the billboard signs. 

So I left without a trace captivated by the spring in cityscape

I think I'm gonna take a trip up top 

To see the city I adore. 

Up the stairs elevator's fine

Gonna get up to the highest flight

Where you can't hear a passerby

Just blue sky and skyline

And a little bird with a song to sing

Ringing out his songs of spring.

The pigeon builds its nest where a baby bird could take its rest

In the safety of the steeples that tower above 

Future artifacts.

Sunrise engulfs the park below in luminous shades of silver and gold

I'm so happy I took the stairs

To see the city I adore 

To see the city 

The city I call home