By Rocky Steen-Rolfzen & Jeff Rolfzen

Liela was born by the sea

She taught me new songs to sing

I helped her plant a seed

Although she was leaving

She was gone with the wind again

Gone to the city

Gone from where the air blows

Clean and clear

Caught up in the storm

Caught up in the storm

Leila taught to me that real

Patience is moving yet still

And all that what we are making

Come from what we have taken

All that we are doing

What we are chewing

Is turning us into the way that we are

Where are you in this storm?

Iā€™m jut trying to stay warm

Sweet Liela come home

Sweet Liela come home

Then she was gone with the wind again

Back to the sea

Gone to where the air blows warm and free

Sweet Liela stay warm

Liela (Liela~) Liela (Liela~)

Sweet Liela stay warm