Let Me In

By Jeff Rolfzen & Rocky Steen-Rolfzen

Many nights I've lost myself in wonder

how ever did I get so lucky

to hold you in my arms, embrace the many charms

that warms this heart of mine?

In many ways I feel I've always known you. 

My troubles seem to melt when you are near. 

If love is but a game

i'll be here to play for 

as long as you will let me in. 

Because I'm fallin' for you darlin'

just like the drops of rain on a window pain

always waintin' for the weekend

to spend a little time with you 

when the evening comes

we'll be dancing in the barroom. 

That's how the game begins 

and I'm always hoping you will win

so you'll come back again. 

The lonely days I'll put them all behind me.

How ever did I carry them so long?

When I met you gaze it lifted up the haze

like the dawn-light does to the fog. 

In many ways I'd often think about you. 

When I met you was like talking to a song. 

If love is but a melody

Let our hearts be the strings

and may we always have a song to sing.

Because I've fallen under your spell 

enchanted like the wind on a chime under a sapphire sky

and I keep waiting for the moment

every day when your first smile does begin. 

And we'll be laughing before you know it.

That's how the song begins

and I'm always hoping you will sing 

it back to me again. 

The time we have will fade into a memory

The songs we sing will echo till they're gone. 

As long as you are here

I can hold theses memories dear to be where they've been all along

So hold me for tonight or for a lifetime. 

Let our feet land softly on the floor. 

If love is but a game

I'll be here to play for as long as you will let me in. 

As long as you will let me in.